Level 2

Level 2 – INTERMEDIATE CLINIC (3 day course)

On these three days the student revisits and refreshes the work they learned in the foundation clinic as well as being introduced to 16 more area of concern procedures including what is referred to as the advanced body balancing procedure. In addition they will learn extra procedures in human work to assist them when working on the riders.

The techniques that the student learns on this clinic are designed to sit on top of and work in harmony with those which the learned in previously. While many of these techniques for areas of concern can stand on their own, the years have shown that the positive results last longer and are more profound when layered on top of the basic or advanced body balance and the areas of concern taught in the foundation clinic.

Students are supplied with a fully illustrated manual. A professionally produced DVD of the entire clinic is available to assist the student in refreshing their memory and practicing at home. On completion of the three days each student is issued with a formal certificate which is recognized world wide by any of our licensed instructors and is the pre-requisite to attend the next level of ET should they wish to do so.