Level 1

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Te Puna, Tauranga

Friday 6 November
Saturday 7 November
Sunday 8 November


Te Puna, Tauranga

Saturday 30 January
Sunday 31 January
Monday 1 February


Level 1 – FOUNDATION CLINIC (3 day course)

Designed to introduce the novice to the Equine Touch and give them the means to return home and be able to assess their horse and have a positive effect upon their horse. This hands-on clinic was originally put together by Jock in 1998 and taught to solely vets throughout Europe and has remained the same ever since.
The entire of Equine Touch – its success and development – sits firmly on the work that is taught in this clinic which we also call Level 1. Students are first taught the unique hands on move and the science and purpose behind it. They will at first practice on each other before transposing that which they have learned onto the horse. This human practice is not without purpose as it is designed in such a manner that the student will be able on their return home to perform a simple form of effective bodywork on their friends or family. In these three days the student will learn the terminology of Equine Touch – branding, basic body balancing, area of concern, so that everyone is speaking the same language and working from the same page. Students will be taught to start to learn to read the horse, to observe processing and positive reactions, as well as to stay safe while they are focused on helping the animal.
Students are supplied with a fully illustrated manual.
A professionally produced DVD of the entire clinic is available to assist the student in refreshing their memory and practicing at home. On completion of the three days each student is issued with a formal certificate which is recognized world wide by any of our licensed instructors and is the pre-requisite to attend the next level of ET should they wish to do so.