Licensed instructors

All Equine Touch Instructors have been personally taught by Jock and Ivana to the high standards required by the Equine Touch Foundation.

Apart from a history as a respected Equine Touch Practitioner, each Instructor has been required to attend an intensive Instructor course held at the The ETF headquarters in San Marcos Texas.

Each Instructor is assessed and licensed annually and must regularly attend ongoing professional development classes and reviews in order to maintain their standards. All Instructors are required to be members of the Equine Touch Instructor Guild as well as The International Equine Touch Association and must operate under their strict Codes of Ethics and Behavior.

Denyse Cambie
I started ET in January 2004 hosting a course at my place in Tauranga. It had such a profound affect on myself and my horses that I continued hosting each year and at the same time working my way through the levels. I was working full time and was keeping my own horses fit for horse trials, so I had little time and no intention of becoming a practitioner or instructor. An acquaintances horse Charlie changed that! See Charlies story in the case studies.
After working on Charlie (for free) I started to believe in myself instead of just the modality, and it gave me the incentive to use the gift of Equine Touch to help other horses, and eventually also become an instructor and have the privilege of teaching people how to help their horses. I now mostly work from home which gives me more time and flexibility for my own horses. It also gives me the ability to indulge in my passion for doing limited ET in the local area. I love being able to help horses and their owners, whether they are clients, or come on a course to learn how to do it themselves. ET is such a wonderful gift to be able to bestow on my own and client’s horses, my dogs, my neighbours, family and friends, and I cannot imagine life without it.

Karen Burrows is located in Invercargill. She is our experienced instructor located in Invercargill. For her ET Level 1 and 2 classes please contact her directly. E-mail